18.1. Introduction to Insight
  • 13 Dec 2022
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18.1. Introduction to Insight

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Article summary

Insight is a call analytics tool that transcribes your calls into text form and offers additional analysis and reporting. The licenses will need to be purchased through your success manager. If you require configuration and reporting support for Insight, please refer to the guides in the rest of this chapter.

Insight is an employee training tool embedded inside Salesforce that enables Group Administrators to:

  • Understand which calls to listen to, as well as which sections of those calls, to identify opportunities for employee recognition and coaching.
  • Identify key favourable criteria such as an employee’s company-standard greeting, an offer to help and specific product terminology
  • Identify concerning negative language used by the customer, such as a complaint about customer service or a request to cancel their contract
  • Quickly recognise calls where employees neglect to discuss important information
  • Share notes between Group Administrators and employees

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