Summer 2024
  • 02 Jul 2024
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Summer 2024

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Welcome to Summer 2024 with Natterbox: Sizzling Solutions for Seamless Interactions!

As the warmth of summer sets in, Natterbox is excited to unveil our latest enhancements and innovations designed to transform your customer interactions and streamline your operations. Our Summer Release 2024 introduces a suite of features across Natterbox Voice, Service Cloud Voice, Digital Channels, and Salesforce Supported Products, to elevate your engagement and productivity to new heights.

Natterbox Remote Assist: Elevating Customer Support with Visual Collaboration

Natterbox Remote Assist helps businesses resolve complex queries on a single call by allowing users to turn an existing live phone call into a video meeting through Screen Share or Camera Share.

Camera Share: Customers or field agents can easily share their mobile device’s camera to provide a live view of a product or item that needs visual inspection.

Screen Share: Customers can quickly and easily share their computer or mobile screen with agents to streamline troubleshooting or receive assistance with live on-screen guidance.

Salesforce Support Updates: Enhancing Integration and Performance

Service Cloud Voice: Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

We are introducing a series of new pre-built reports and dashboards on Service Cloud Voice Inbound and Outbound events. These reports and dashboards provide Service Cloud Voice team leaders and admins with more visibility into agent efficiency.

Salesforce Enhanced Omni-Channel Support for Service Cloud Voice

Natterbox now supports Salesforce’s Enhanced Omni-Channel for Service Cloud Voice. Customers can leverage the full functionality of Enhanced Omni without having to take any additional actions in Natterbox.

Salesforce Permission Sets

Natterbox now supports Salesforce’s new Permission Set Groups feature, allowing for more streamlined permission management. Instead of assigning permissions individually, you can now create groups within Salesforce and assign relevant users to these groups, ensuring all members receive the same permissions. If you choose to utilize Permission Set Groups, you’ll manage them within Salesforce. For those preferring 1:1 permissions, continue managing them directly in Natterbox.

Ideas Hub: Fostering Collaboration and Customization

The New Natterbox Ideas Hub allows customers to share their product suggestions and vote on feature proposals that will shape the future of Natterbox’s product roadmap.

What is it? The Natterbox Ideas Hub is a collaborative space where customers, partners, and employees can collaborate to shape Natterbox's future roadmap.

What’s in it for you? By creating, voting for, and commenting on ideas, community members can help the Natterbox product team shape the roadmap and gather greater insights into the specific requirements of the individual features.

How are ideas reviewed? The product team will review each idea on the hub and use the customer feedback on specific ideas to decide upon future features.

Call Transfer Button Configuration

A consistent customer request was the ability to better control an agent's transfer options, and with that, we have added transfer configurability to our Freedom CTI user experience.

Admins now can:

  • Hide the transfer button so an agent doesn’t see it at all.

  • Restrict the numbers that an agent can transfer a call to.

  • See settings within Call Center Configuration under “Call Transfer.

Digital Channels: Enhancing Communication Beyond Voice

Messaging Improvements: Work in Custom Objects

You can now embed the messaging app inside any searchable Salesforce object (Opportunities, Cases, Custom Objects), allowing you to initiate and continue conversations without navigating to Contact or full message inbox views.

Digital Wrap-Up Improvements: Assign to “Related to” Objects

We have added a “Related to” field on Wrap-Ups, allowing you to associate wrap-ups with existing records in Salesforce. By tagging existing Salesforce records in a Wrap-Up, any agent can easily and quickly see each conversation related to the resolution of an issue or a case that was created.

PCI Payments Speech Recognition: Streamlining Secure Payments

With improved PCI Speech Recognition, users can now speak their payment details over the phone, rather than manually entering payment info using the touchpad on their phone. PCI Speech Recognition ensures secure payments while increasing accessibility and creating an effortless experience for those who prefer to speak rather than key in their details.

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