Welcome to the Natterbox Knowledgebase
  • 17 Jun 2024
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Welcome to the Natterbox Knowledgebase

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Article summary

Welcome to our new Knowledgebase site. 

You can navigate to the top level following this link

Then you can Search, jump to specific Guides or select Quicklinks as well as find other useful links further down on the page.

Look out for articles that have LMS course images on, you can access these via the Help Center. For more info, see here.

Why are we moving our knowledge articles out of the community?

This new site will make it easier to embed multimedia and mix media on the relevant article page without you having to navigate away therefore making your experience more seamless. 

An advanced search engine is also integrated to help you find the relevant articles more easily. 

Also you will be able to share specific links with your internal colleagues, for example when you need to onboard new starters, and need them to watch the relevant videos or quick guides.

Videos can now be downloaded for use in your internal LMS (Learning Management System), a much requested feature. And articles can be printed, even as a PDF. A dark mode is also available on the site.

A glossary is also integrated and any underlined terms within an article will show the glossary term when hovering the mouse over it, without having to leave the article or open a further browser tab. 

Furthermore each article will now give you the opportunity to leave us feedback on whether the article was helpful or not and if not and you can choose to be notified when updates have been made and we can reach out to you if further clarification is needed. 

Any searches made on our success page, where you have traditionally found our knowledge pages, will link out to the knowledgebase as well. 

Anyone who has received the Natterbox manual in recent months will also be redirected to the new Knowledgebase site. 

Please note that the old knowledge articles on our success site that are covered on the new Knowledgebase site will be deprecated starting the end of March. Please update your bookmarks in the coming weeks and months.

All other success site / community functions and features will remain as is until further notice.

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