2.1.1. Assigning the Natterbox Permission Sets
  • 19 Mar 2024
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2.1.1. Assigning the Natterbox Permission Sets

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Article summary

Salesforce users can be given Administrative and/or Team Leader privileges within the Natterbox app (which enables the user to access administrator and team leader only tabs and abilities). These can be applied to a user whether or not they have been created as a Natterbox app user. In order to do this, the user must be added to the NBVC Administrator Permission Set or the NBVC TeamLeader PermissionSet in Salesforce by a user that has the appropriate Salesforce permissions.

For basic users it is unnecessary - when a Salesforce User is created as a Natterbox app user, the user record is automatically added to the NBVC BasicUser PermissionSet.

The different permissions needed for different parts of the app are detailed here.

How to

The following instructions explain how to apply the Administrator permissions set. The instructions on how to apply the Team Leader permissions set are the same, except opening NBVC TeamLeader PermissionSet.

  • Within Salesforce Setup, navigate to Administration Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets.
  • From the listing, click on the link that is the Label of the NBVC Administrator PermissionSet.
  • At the top of the permission set record, click the Manage Assignments button.
  • At the top of the user listing, click the Add Assignments button.

A list of all Salesforce users is displayed.

  • Check the check box corresponding to the user to be given administrator privileges and click Assign.

The user is added to the assigned users listing and given administrator privileges.

Changing permission levels

Permissions use the existing Natterbox permission sets (NBVC_Administrator_PermissionSet etc), but they can now be easily modified from:

  • Natterbox App
  • Natterbox Users
  • User record (see dropdown highlighted on the right side of the screen):

Note: If using Group permission sets without also using AVS permission sets, these permission levels will initially be set to None (in the above screen) and those users will not have access.

In this instance, permission levels will need to be set on an individual user basis in the Natterbox User screen.

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