5.2. Enhanced Wrap-Up
  • 24 Jun 2024
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5.2. Enhanced Wrap-Up

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How Enhanced Wrap-Up Works

Enhanced Wrap-Up functionality has been implemented to provide agents with greater flexibility during post-call work, enabling them to be more efficient with their time. By utilizing the current Wrap-Up time configured in the call queue, agents can complete their Wrap-Up and become available for calls before the designated Wrap-Up time has ended. Additionally, agents can extend their Wrap-Up time if needed to ensure they can complete all necessary post-call work.

Enabling Enhanced Wrap-Up

Starting from Natterbox version 1.288, the Enhanced Wrap-Up feature will be automatically enabled for users. With this feature enabled and no other settings changed, users can view a countdown timer displaying the time left in call queue Wrap-Up on their CTI.

If needed, admins can opt to disable the Enhanced Wrap-Up feature from the account settings by unchecking the Enable Enhanced Wrap-Up checkbox.

Configuring Enhanced Wrap-Up

When enabled, Enhanced Wrap-Up will add a new field called "Wrap-Up Type" to each call queue in the Groups tab of the Call Queue component in the routing policy builder.

There are 3 options in this field:

Standard is the default setting that does not change the functionality of either CTI or Call Queue Wrap-Up. However, it displays the remaining time of the agent in call queue Wrap-Up as a countdown timer in the CTI.

In the Early Exit option, the countdown timer will be visible to agents. Additionally, clicking Done, Save for Later, or Disregard (if this option is available) will cancel any remaining time in call queue Wrap-Up, and the agent will become available for calls immediately.

The Extend & Early Exit option has the same functionality as Early Exit, with an additional feature that the agent can extend their Wrap-Up time if needed.

If you select Extend & Early Exit, two new fields will appear. These fields are Extension Limit and Extension Time. The Extension Limit refers to the number of times agents can extend their Wrap-Up time. The Extension Time is the duration added to the call queue Wrap-Up when an agent clicks the Extend button. For instance, in the given example, the agent can extend their Wrap-Up time up to a maximum of three times, with each extension lasting 30 seconds. Thus, the total time the agent can extend their Wrap-Up time is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Additional examples below:

Wrap-Up Time

Extension Limit

Extension Time

Total Possible Time In Wrap-Up













Omni-Channel Configuration

Please note: this requires the Freedom/Natterbox Call Center package version 2.56 or higher.

If you use the Natterbox + Omni-Channel integration, you will be able to assign an Omni-Channel presence to Agents when they are in Wrap-Up.

Select the presence state you want to put agents in when wrapping up in the new “Service Presence CallQueue Wrapup Status” field.

When the agents are completing their Wrap-Up the state will be what you have selected. Once the Wrap-Up has been completed, or the timer has expired their state will change back to what they had before the call.


You also get an additional alert on the wallboard if an agent is in Wrap-Up for longer than X Seconds. Please see the ‘Enhanced Wrap-Up’ section of this guide for more information.

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