User Extension or DDI Not Connecting
  • 11 Jun 2024
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User Extension or DDI Not Connecting

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Article summary

This article will explain how to resolve issues where direct calls to the user extension, transferred calls to the user extension or calls to the direct dial (DDI) of the user fail and reach voicemail.

This issue is known to happen due to a missing user routing policy in our back end. These are accessible only to Natterbox and are generated upon the creation of the user. On some rare occasions if changes are made to the user while the Cloud PBX license is not assigned, the user policy may fail to create or update changes to the device ring order, which in turn would lead to extension and DDI calls failing over to voicemail.

The steps to resolve this issue are:

  1. Navigate to the Natterbox user of the affected user

  2. Click the button “Reset Ring Order”

    This action will ensure that any faulty user policies will be suspended and that the creation of the new user policy will be successful.

  3. Once the ring order is reset, please click on the edit button next to “Reset Ring Order” and press Save without making any changes. This will start a process, which will generate the user policy on our back end.

  4. After finishing this task, proceed to make a test call to the user's extension to verify the resolution of the issue.

If you are still seeing some issues with the call routing, please reach out to our support team.

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