How to extract the Browser's Network Logs
  • 24 Jun 2024
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How to extract the Browser's Network Logs

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Natterbox Support may require Network Logs from the browser to troubleshoot various issues. There are a few different methods to open the Developer tools in Chrome and MS Edge to access the logs.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + I on a Windows keyboard or CMD + Alt + I on a Mac keyboard or right click on the browser page and click inspect

2. Once the Developer tools are open, Click on the Network tab and tick the Disable cache box.

3. Navigate to the website you're experiencing issues with while the Network tab is open. Wait for the data to be collected in the Developer tool window (About 30 seconds). Then click the Export HAR button (Down Arrow) and save the resulting file.

4. Attach the file to the email thread with Natterbox support or if you're raising a new case, log in to the Help Center and raise the case there and attach the file using the button at the bottom of the submission page. Alternatively if your company prevents HAR files being sent via email please request a Google Drive link from Natterbox support to upload the file.

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