1. Getting Started
  • 13 Mar 2024
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1. Getting Started

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The guides on the knowledgebase are based on the most updated Natterbox packages, please see the How to Upgrade page for our latest version.

Note: Natterbox Call Center package should be installed for all users, whereas Natterbox should be installed for admins only. Please see above link for detailed instructions.

Where to start with Natterbox as an Administrator:

There are four places that org wide changes can be made to the Natterbox configuration:

Here are a few other places that are useful for managing Natterbox:

  • Natterbox Users - users of the system can be created, edited and deleted.

  • Phone Numbers - phone numbers can be allocated to the organisation account and to a specific user as a DDI.

  • Natterbox Groups - users can be organised into groups which is how they can receive calls. Groups are added to call queues, hunt groups or connect a call apps in routing policies so calls can be routed to the right agents.

  • Receiving Calls - After the steps above have been followed, the new user can log in to the app and the Webphone is automatically available to them. This is the default end point for the user to receive a call.

LMS Courses

Here are some recommended LMS courses for those starting out as a Natterbox Administrator:

  • Administrating Natterbox Part 1 - there are different versions on this depending on whether you use availability and/or recording.There is also an SCV version if your organisation uses that.

  • Policy Builder Overview - this is a good place to start with understanding how the Natterbox Routing Policies work

Technical Prerequisites

Here is the document with Natterbox's Technical Prerequisites

End User Trainings

Here are our End User guides for the different interfaces. 

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